About our dogs

Thanks to a careful choice of the reproducing couples, we can obtain litters of dogs which are suitable both for exhibitions and/or the family life. All of our dogs can be successfully trained for protection sports or real defense (only for professionals in the field).

For all our puppies, we strongly advise a training in obedience (our kennel offers these kind of classes), in order to help them socialize with other dogs and human strangers.

You should keep in mind that all our dogs are “authentic” American Bulldogs (born, selected and raised for protection and defense), but, when raised under our directions, they can be perfect dogs for the family life – playful and cuddly with children and, at the same time, strong guardians against strangers.

If you’re looking for a pet who is friendly with visitors and other dogs at the dog park, we advise you to look elsewhere for a different breed.

All our dogs have a remarkable pedigree, but we don’t sell their past (as glorious as it may be). We sell real American Bulldogs, as similar as possible to their ancestors (in attitude, body and personality) which always worked with their owners in the fields, protecting the cattle, the farm, and the family members.