About Us

About Us

Our history

The De Paola Kennel was born out of the community of purpose among Marco De Paola (an American Bulldog breeder reluctant towards the world of dog exhibitions) and Filippo and Anita Balsamo (a couple specialized in “real defense”, well-known in the exhibition world for championing the return of the “old school” American Bulldog, whose strong and agile body is complemented by a difficult character and the tendency to establish a relationship with a few and selected group of familiar people).

This union – which began with a strict selection of bloodlines and character traits – brought us to import from abroad our current and future studs and bitches.

Thanks to a collaboration among some of the most renowned foreign kennels, we were able to obtain the three types of American Bulldog:


Our goal is to bring you healthy and well balanced puppies. Before entering the reproduction phase, our studs and bitches endure a two-year training course, during which they are psychologically and physically tested in order to highlight any flaw.

Only the healthy subjects enter the reproduction phase, and thanks to a strict selection of the broods we can offer you dogs suitable for defense (for professionals only) or the family life (for everyone).