Our studs

Our studs


Utzon’s BOSS


An “old style” American Bulldog (often described as “Hybrid Type”). A typical example of a dog which is born to defend. Highly combative thanks to his bloodline – among his ancestors we find subjects as Margentina, Painter and Scott, which were selected to obtain a highly performing dog.

He’s an exceptional athlete, a great companion for jogging and bicycle hikes and a keen swimmer. He’s gifted with the grip of a pit bull and a highly functional body.

Hostile with strangers, but sweet and cuddly with his own family. He’s mentally prepared to protect and defend, and its work in the field of “real defense” has been widely recognized by professionals, both locally and internationally. Thanks to his even-tempered nature he imposed himself in several beauty contests, where he proved that – when appropriately managed – a dog with such a strong personality can do everything an ordinary dog normally does.

A dog like this is extremely rare.

BOSS’S Pedigree